Фан-арт — Викисловарь

девушка фан арт

фан арт вк In the context of the formation of the genre are researched the most important works of British and American authors such as Alan Moore, Ian Gibson, Frank Miller, Dave McKean and others. In the process of becoming a genre of graphic novel authors create notable works beyond commercial art. The study devotes to artistic and stylistic features of the phenomenon of graphic novel genetically related with comics art, but is a more serious and multifaceted phenomenon. 7. Fuchs C. Information and Communication Technologies and Society: A Contribution to the Critique of the Political Economy of the Internet // European Journal of Communication 2009. Vol. 9. Morozov E. Internet as illusion. The article characterizes the main changes in fiction publishing which took place the recent decades in Belarus. PhD in Pedagogy, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of Sociocultural Educational Practices, Institute of System Projects MCU. 4 Anderson C. The Long Tail.

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